ZOX STRAP Singles Fortune Favors The Bold
ZOX STRAP Singles Fortune Favors The Bold
ZOX STRAP Singles Fortune Favors The Bold
ZOX STRAP Singles Fortune Favors The Bold

ZOX STRAP Singles Fortune Favors The Bold

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Rarity Level: Necessities

Stitching Details: 
0001 - 0100: Gold
0101+: Silver

Product Details:
-Laser engraved serial number on the tag
-PANTONE® printed ultra-premium elastic 
-Unique reversible design 
-Number-matching Collector's card
-Individually packed within a protective, resealable sleeve
-Fits wrists between 5.25" and 7.25"

People Details:
-Handmade with love
-Happiness Guaranteed
-Every product sold provides a year of clean water


Lately, I've been wanting a Single that motivates me to take more chances on things that are important. To invest my time and energy on things that will really make a difference, even if doing so makes me uncomfortable. We grow the most when things are hard - we learn to adapt, change and truly find our calling when we're out of our comfort zone - when we're forced to figure it out or risk failing altogether.

To be honest, starting ZOX was that way for me. I gave up an awesome VP position at a tech company to go make wristbands with my brothers. Even as I sit here typing it out it sounds crazy, but that's what made it so awesome. What seemed ridiculous to others was a move I made because I wanted to put myself in a position where I had to figure things out - I had to focus on what was truly important to make it work, no matter how hard that might be. Most people don't know this but ZOX was actually run out of my bedroom in Arizona for the first year we were around. Brandon slept in my closet and helped me with design, development and community outreach at a small desk we had set up. Jordan handled production and fulfilled orders out of a tiny one-room office we sublet in Michigan each day after school. To say what we did was bold is an understatement - it, for all intents and purposes, was crazy.

At the end of the day though, I believe that you have to be bold (and a bit crazy) if you want to incite true change. To me, this Single is my reminder that if I'm not doing something that makes me a bit uncomfortable, I'm doing myself and everyone I in our community a disservice by not living up to my true potential. I hope it helps you remember the same.

<3 Jason



Release Date: 5.28.19